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On 19.08.19 13:57, sajolida wrote:

One month later…

> segfault:
>> sajolida:
>>> I'm asking for comments on this new document:

It's really great, thank you very much for condensing all of these ideas
into one document :)
> I'm now wondering whether I should:
> * Clarify those traits with some text, à la Mailchimp.
> * Use different traits.
> * Move them to a different document.
> * A combination of all that :)

I was also a bit disturbed by the words "elite" and "ideological", which
have a variety of connotations.

- I like the slider spectrums per se, so I wonder if these words can
simply be replaced with synonym words.

- But! I loooove the sentences that you've come up with a lot too :) So
for me, both representations should exist. The sentences make the
sliders clearer, they explain, they add value.

As intrigeri said however, they might be more at home on a "style guide"


>             -----8<-----

> Our style
> =========
> When using Tails, people trade off bits of convenience for some extra
> security. They might have very little time, be under stress, or physical
> threats.
> We take the safety of our users very seriously and we speak to them in a
> confident and reassuring way without being lighthearted or frivolous.
> Our style inspires trust but doesn't sound distant. Even though we
> address serious issues, we are always empathetic and encouraging.
> To be accessible to our diverse and global audience, we value clarity
> and sincerity above all. We provide state-of-the-art tools without
> over-promising or sounding elitist.
>             ----->8-----

> What do you think I should do? Help! :)