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Author: intrigeri
To: tails-project
Subject: Re: [Tails-project] Mission and values (#16539): please comment!

> I'm asking for comments on this new document:

My main comment is: wow, great job!

> Right after doing that I realized that this document ended up heavily
> related to our Social Contract: […]

> The good news is that they are really in sync :)


> I didn't took the time
> to see how both documents could be better linked, combined, or merged
> but we could consider it.

IMO it's good enough for now to have a "See also our XYZ, which is
[…]" sentence at the end of each document, pointing to the other.

I'm not a big fan of the current "From our mission and values is
derived the Tails Social Contract […]" sentence: this phrasing
suggests to me that our Social Contract was written after this new
document, deriving from it. My proposal above removes this problem and
avoids having to discuss in depth now how these two documents relate
to each other.

I'm sure you won't believe it but I have no other comment nor change
proposals ;)