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Subject: Re: [Tails-project] Mission and values (#16539): please comment!

On 19.08.19 14:04, sajolida wrote:
> groente via Tails-project:


>> I'm very happy to see values that are based on both autonomy and
>> collectivity (e.g., "put people in control of their digital lives" and
>> "not an individual matter"). This places a nice and well-needed
>> counterweight to the liberal discourse of privacy as an individual
>> right.

Agreed. I also liked "The most vulnerable and oppressed people are the
most in need of privacy and security."

>> What I miss from a values statement is a bit stronger political
>> positioning.
> Seeing how this document evolved in my last iterations, this makes sense
> to me personally.

I agree that the statement could be a bit stronger…

>> I do think it is important for
>> this document not to completely ignore/negate where we come from.

>> At the
>> very least, including antifascism in our values seems appropriate

To me, "where [some of us] come from" seems limited to geographic parts
of the world that I believe do not represent the world as a whole - thus
do not represent the struggles, activism or engagement on a global level
- while my goal by working on Tails aims at seeing it used by a larger
diversity of people, who may be involved in a huge variety of local or
global struggles.

This is why your proposal - in its current form at least - seems too
limiting. I'm afraid of such a confinement. Maybe you can formulate it
in a way that would address these issues.