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Author: intrigeri
To: Public mailing list about the Tails project
Subject: Re: [Tails-project] Mission and values (#16539): please comment!

> groente via Tails-project:
>> What I miss from a values statement is a bit stronger political
>> positioning.

> Seeing how this document evolved in my last iterations, this makes sense
> to me personally.

Interestingly, when I had a couple friends read the draft out of the
blue (separately) 1.5 months ago, one piece of feedback they both gave
me was that they were somewhat surprised by how strongly political the
text was :)

>> While I understand there are pragmatic reasons for
>> maintaining a non-ideological appearance, I do think it is important for
>> this document not to completely ignore/negate where we come from.

> When I reviewed Eileen's drafts with other contributors, I tried to
> acknowledge the diverse political background of the people who are now
> making Tails. We are clearly not "coming from" the same place anymore
> (and I think it's good!) but I have good hopes that you'll find a common
> political ground.

> (And I don't think that we should maintain a non-ideological appearance,
> or even that we have one, cf. the "Impartial" vs "Ideological" slider.)

Fully agreed.

>> At the
>> very least, including antifascism in our values seems appropriate for
>> the times we are living in, and may help to make it easier to deal with
>> nazis using Tails (c.f.,
>> ). If nobody has immediate objections to such a positioning, I'll take
>> some time to write a concrete proposal.

> I must admit that I'm a bit afraid of dumping in this document the
> radical political background of only some of us and I'd like to find
> something that's more political while being inclusive and useful as part
> of this document.

> For example, I don't consider myself coming more from anti-fascism more
> than many other struggles, all still relevant for the times we are
> living in, while I don't think that it belongs to this document to build
> a list of everything each of us stands up against.

> The way you related to the case of Mastodon is interesting as it keeps
> the relationship between the statement and the tool: Mastodon is a
> social medial and they stand against the publication of hate speech
> through their media.

> I would like seeing a similar positioning for a tool like Tails.
> A positioning that would be at the same time, more political, inclusive
> of a diversity of struggles, acknowledging who we are now as a group
> (and want to be), and not sound like the typical militant rant.

Yes on all this.

> I'm happy to help you fit it in the structure and style of the document.
> As you can see, I made great efforts to keep it very succinct and
> (hopefully) with some kind of pleasing structure.

This would be awesome.

> Please also check at least with segfault who commented in a direction
> that's pretty much the opposite of yours:

>> I also think that we are both very serious and ideological, but I
>> don't think we have to put that on our website (at least the latter).