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Author: u
To: tails-project
New-Topics: Re: [Tails-project] Questions about the GitLab migration[Was: Brainstorm by Nov 27 — Criteria for choosingwhich GitLab we will use]
Subject: Re: [Tails-project] [Brainstorm by Nov 27] Criteria for choosing which GitLab we will use

> Tails will migrate to GitLab for Git and issues hosting within
> 6 months. Which GitLab we will use is an open question at this point.
> We'll have to discuss this.
> There are many aspects to it. I'll try to split this into several
> smaller rounds of discussion. Synchronous group discussion may be the
> best approach for some of the next rounds, but today is an individual
> brainstorming question:
>    What criteria matter to you for choosing the GitLab instance
>    that Tails will use?

- What are the limitations to create user accounts? Not talking only
about the number of accounts, but for example the account names.
(Salsa uses -guest for everyone who is not a DD for example and if
people become DDs their account name changes. This could be an issue
in certain cases I guess.)

- Are user credentials stored on third party infrastructure? Yes, they
are probably hosted in a datacenter and most of the time we would
know exactly in which one. But are they hosted using third party cloud

- How can we be informed if user credentials get leaked or the instance
otherwise compromised?

- How much do we trust the maintainers of the instance?

- Do we have to or do we want to participate in maintaining the

- Do we have to or do we want to pay to maintain the instance? How much
would that cost and where would that money come from?

- How many owners for a project can there be?

- How many subprojects can be created? (This is in the case we will use
the Gitlab instance as our new home and then we might want to create
repositories for new contributors.)

- Does the instance require to log in to see any repository contents? I
find this often annoying if I just want to look up something but then
I have to create an account to see it.

- Is there a space limit on the instance?

- Are there other technical restrictions on the instance that could be

I also have some more pragmatic/practical questions:

- What will happen to our encrypted repositories?

- Will the Gitlab instance only be used for tickets related to encrypted
repositories? How do we guaruantee confidentiality for those? What
other solutions might there be?

- Will the Gitlab instance become our main Git repository home or will
we still have repositories at And if yes, what will be the
relation between these two homes?

Cheers, u.