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Author: nodens
To: tails-project
Subject: Re: [Tails-project] [Brainstorm by Nov 27] Criteria for choosing which GitLab we will use

On 19/11/2019 17:19, intrigeri wrote:
> Hi,
> Tails will migrate to GitLab for Git and issues hosting within
> 6 months. Which GitLab we will use is an open question at this point.
> We'll have to discuss this.

(I do like gitlab more than redmine)

> There are many aspects to it. I'll try to split this into several
> smaller rounds of discussion. Synchronous group discussion may be the
> best approach for some of the next rounds, but today is an individual
> brainstorming question:
>    What criteria matter to you for choosing the GitLab instance
>    that Tails will use?

> My goal is to build an initial list of _candidate_ criteria.
> It is not a debate nor a vote.
> In the next rounds of discussion, we'll have opportunities to discuss
> their relative importance and to spot missing criteria.

Some important criteria (or more precisely, questions to ask ourselves)
in my opinion, in no particular order:

- How much do we trust the people in charge of the Gitlab instance?

- How open would they be to change stuff to accomodate our needs (within
reason, if at all)?

- Are they using the CE version or do we have a risk to come to rely on
proprietary features that we might not find elsewhere; in case we
want/need to move (or the hassle to have to check if the feature is
indeed available everytime we want to try something)?

- can we use the backup features for migrating elsewhere if needed? Or
are those restricted? What kind of access will we have ? What kind of
access do we actually need?

- are they timely upgrading their instance ? Do they upgrade whenever a
new version is out, do they wait a bit, do they wait for security
advisory / EOL of the version they use?

- How resilient is their instance against hardware outages, DDoS, etc?

- Can we use our own workers for CI for instance?

That's all for now ;)