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Author: u
To: tails-project
Subject: Re: [Tails-project] Call for feedback: proof-of-concept of our issues in GitLab

On 30.11.19 18:42, intrigeri wrote:
> please provide early feedback about the first proof-of-concept import
> of our public Redmine data into GitLab:

I like it!

> This is not a hard deadline: I'm happy to gather feedback continuously
> along the course of this project. But the earlier you take a look,
> the greater the chances that we can incorporate your feedback.
> There will be other calls for feedback as we make progress.


(I'm deleting everyting I agree with.)

> - Links to Redmine point to our current Redmine, while after the final
> migration, they will instead point to the upcoming static archive
> of Redmine.

I like the archive idea.

> - We did not design a replacement workflow for Core team
> self-management (ala #16209) yet.

I think in the past this was also designed and used by few teams
consistently, so maybe when we move to Gitlab this could become a
problem to solve collectively, in another discussion.

> Known problems that we *might* be able to solve later
> =====================================================
> - All issues appear to have been created by the user account that did
> the migration. We could fix that if we're migrating to a GitLab
> instance on which we have admin credentials so we can impersonate
> other users. Else, this problem will remain and the best we will
> have is the free-form annotation in the issue description, e.g.
> "Original created by @intrigeri on 17117 (Redmine)".

To me this is not a problem, as the information is there. However, it
would probably be easier for the eye and the brain if the user accounts
would correspond.

> See

I did not look at this.

- u.