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Author: intrigeri
To: tails-project
Subject: Re: [Tails-project] Call for feedback: proof-of-concept of our issues in GitLab

>> Known problems that we plan to solve later
>> ==========================================

> With "later" do you mean after the migration?

No, before the final migration. I was unclear indeed!

> I think at least a few of those problems should be solved before
> the migration.


>> Known problems that we *might* be able to solve later
>> =====================================================
>> - All issues appear to have been created by the user account that did
>> the migration. We could fix that if we're migrating to a GitLab
>> instance on which we have admin credentials so we can impersonate
>> other users. Else, this problem will remain and the best we will
>> have is the free-form annotation in the issue description, e.g.
>> "Original created by @intrigeri on 17117 (Redmine)".

> I would very much prefer to keep the original authors.

Heard and noted. Would you like to elaborate a tiny bit wrt. to why
you think it'll make a difference for you? It will help me triage &
classify your feedback.

> Would this also be possible for comments (which currently also all
> appear to be made by the same user)?

I believe it's exactly the same problem for comments: if we can
impersonate users for issue creation, then we can also impersonate
them for notes creation. If we can't do the former, then we can't do
the later.

Note that in the worst case, if we can't impersonate folks, IMO we
should do the migration using a special purpose migration bot user,
and definitely *not* as mine :)