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Author: cesco
To: hackmeeting
Subject: Re: [Hackmeeting] [TRANSLATION] Are translations from the talks/workshops expected?
> That was my understanding of the setup:
>  - people that don't understand italian very well (or at all) are    invited to say so, so that other people can support them
>  - everyone is invited to volunteer as a translator and clearly say so    to people that will most likely benefit from that
>  - periodically (daily assemblies, lunch time, etc.) people coordinate    about that. "I want to follow talk foo, could you translate    that to me?" or "Hey, I can speak English and Italian and I want to    follow the foobar talk, anyone needs translation?"
> It's clearly not perfect but at least most of the people can follow most of the talks, at least in the most common languages in this part of the world.

If I remember well, there was also a proposal to signal it in this way:
* somebody interested in attending a talk AND able to traslate in some other language puts a cardboard with the available language on the speaker table before the talk.
* somebody else interested in attending a talk AND in need for translation sees the carboard and asks for that
* the two sit side by side ecc

i think it has never been put into practice, however