[Tails-l10n] Tails 4.5 release and testing schedule

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Author: Cyril Brulebois
To: tails-dev, tails-l10n, tails-manual-testers
New-Topics: [Tails-l10n] [Tails-dev] Tails 4.5 release candidate schedule
Subject: [Tails-l10n] Tails 4.5 release and testing schedule

I'll be the release manager for Tails 4.5, scheduled to be released on
2020-04-07 (Mozilla seems to still agree :)).

This is a major release, so it will be preceded by a release candidate
somewhen late March. The details regarding the exact timing of the RC
still need to be discussed (in an upcoming RM meeting). To be frank,
it's a bit scary for me as it'll be the very first one (hopefully with
some hand-holding if required).

Manual testers, please report whether you are available for testing on
2020-04-07 (and possibly the day before) to me privately.

- 4.4 was a bit hard on the coordination side as Tor Browser was
published rather late compared to the usual timing (that can be the
weekend prior, or at least the day before the scheduled date for the
Tails release), that's why we had to shift as well…
- We plan to talk with Tor people to see how we can improve our working
together and avoid a similar problem in the future (by getting at
least a little more communication going).
- Many thanks to the 4.4 testers for their flexibility!

Cyril 'kibi' Brulebois (ckb@???)