Re: [Tails-dev] Tails 4.5 release and testing schedule

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Author: Cyril Brulebois
To: The Tails public development discussion list
Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] Tails 4.5 release and testing schedule

sajolida <sajolida@???> (2020-03-13):
> Cyril Brulebois:
> > This is a major release, so it will be preceded by a release candidate
> > somewhen late March. The details regarding the exact timing of the RC
> > still need to be discussed (in an upcoming RM meeting).
> Let us know once you decided so we can merge stuff in time. I hope we'll
> get at least #17136, which will be pretty exciting!

Sure. If you don't see an update on Friday next week, feel free to poke
me so that I make sure to share our findings!

> > To be frank, it's a bit scary for me as it'll be the very first one
> > (hopefully with some hand-holding if required).
> >
> > Manual testers, please report whether you are available for testing
> > on 2020-04-07 (and possibly the day before) to me privately.
> Isn't there a round of manual tests on the RC as well?

It might be. Up until now, I've bravely (hrm) skipped everything related
to major releases and release candidates each time I went through the
release process documentation, and I need to learn a lot in that area; I
hope to have more information about this loaded into brain before/during
the aforementioned RM meeting, and if there's a call for testers that
needs to happen, you can expect that to happen next week (same as
above). Even then (I could check real quick), the dates need to be
announced, that's why I'll get back to this after the RM meeting.

> >  - 4.4 was a bit hard on the coordination side as Tor Browser was
> >    published rather late compared to the usual timing (that can be the
> >    weekend prior, or at least the day before the scheduled date for the
> >    Tails release), that's why we had to shift as well…
> >  - We plan to talk with Tor people to see how we can improve our working
> >    together and avoid a similar problem in the future (by getting at
> >    least a little more communication going).
> >  - Many thanks to the 4.4 testers for their flexibility!

> I hope it wasn't too hard on you either. At least for me, extra
> flexibility aside, it's good to see that we sometimes postpone
> releases for a few days when needed.

The “things are fuzzy/unknown” wasn't too pleasant, making it hard to
make commitments on my own, and asking others to shift what they planned
to do; that aside, there were no other options than postponing: we were
missing Tor Browser, which is the very reason why we have to release on
such a scheduled manner; and when it was there, there are various steps
that take a while (building, testing, preparing IUKs, etc.) so even if I
wanted to get the release out sooner, I wouldn't have been able to.

(Thanks for your thoughts, though!)

Cyril 'kibi' Brulebois (ckb@???)