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Author: sajolida
To: dermann.mitdemapfel, Tails user experience & user interface design, Tails help desk
Subject: Re: [Tails-ux] Strange symbols on boot screen

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> Hi.
> Sometimes when I boot Tails I see strange symbols on the boot screen
> (the one that allows a choice of Tails or Tails (Troubleshooting mode)).
> The position of the symbols varies. Once it was along the top of the
> screen, another time it was in the bottom left corner.
> For example, one time the symbols were as follows:
> [?25h
> On another occasion the string of symbols was too long to take a quick
> note, but it contained a long series of $$$$$. I think this was on the
> latest version of Tails, 3.15.
> The device I was booting from each time was set to UEFI boot only. Tails
> was booting from a flash drive on a USB 3 port. I think one time it
> happened after a reboot, and on another time from a cold boot.
> Is this something to be concerned about?