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Author: sajolida
To: dermann.mitdemapfel, Tails user experience & user interface design, Tails help desk
Subject: Re: [Tails-ux] Notifications not popping-up automatically

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> Hi,
> I'm using Tails 3.15.
> I've noticed a strange behaviour with the Pop-Up Notifications when I
> eject a flash drive in Tails. Steps as follows:
> 1) Insert then eject a usb flash drive using the "Eject" button in the
> sidebar in a Files window.
> Expected behaviour:
> A notification should pop-up automatically at the top of the screen
> telling you that the drive can now be removed safely. An entry will be
> present in the Notification list when the date is clicked.
> What actually occurs:
> One of two things:
>     1) No notification will pop-up until the user moves the pointer.
>     2) A notification will pop-up then disappear very very quickly, and
> then will pop-up again when the user moves the pointer.

> Now that I know this happens, I move the pointer to make notifications
> appear, but before I was waiting a long time for the notification to
> appear before removing my drive, and this made me wait a long time
> sometimes :)
> This is a new behaviour in recent versions of Tails, perhaps only 3.14
> and onwards.
> Does anyone else see this?