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Author: sajolida
To: Tails user experience & user interface design
Subject: Re: [Tails-ux] Stats on languages used in Tails sessions
Michael Gerstacker via Tails-ux:
> * I attribute the presence of Low German to a UX bug caused by our
> uncurated list of 284 languages in Tails Greeter. See #17002#note-3.
> Simple UX issues like this one can have a huge impact, here hundreds
> of users daily would probably have a better time using Tails in German
> than Low German, possibly because of the way this list is displayed.
>> I can pretty much confirm your thoughts about that from my own experience
>> when i started using Tails.
>> I remember that i searched for german the first time when i booted Tails
>> so i went down with the list because i thought English is the top entry and
>> the first thing with german was "German, low" so i choosed it.
>> I couldnt imagine that Tails is so shabby translated for german so my
>> first thought was that it must be a dialect or something like that. Because
>> of the reason some things in "German, low" seemed to be a little bit
>> netherlandish i thought that it must be niedersächsisch because
>> Niedersachsen and the Netherlands share a border and Niedersachsen is
>> called Lower Saxony in english.
>> With my explanation it seemed to be more logical for me why it is shabby
>> translated.
>> When i booted Tails the next time i typed in Bavarian and of course
>> couldnt find it.
>> I dealt with the fact to use Tails in english for a few weeks till i was
>> curious and realized that i can go up with the list and not only down.
>> Then i found Deutsch and felt pretty much *facepalm*.
>> So i am pretty sure that your consideration might be true.

Thanks for the interesting story Michael! It's a great illustration of
what probably happens to a lot more people.

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