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Author: intrigeri
To: tails-project
CC: tails-ux, tails-dev
Subject: [Tails-ux] Working group to define the "core Tails system" (#16531)

I'm cross-posting widely due to the scope and importance of this
topic, but please reply only to tails-project@??? or to
me personally.

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Problem statement

The Foundations Team¹ is tasked with maintaining the "core Tails
system": we don't have the means to maintain every single feature that
was added in the last 10 years. But we have no definition of what the
"core Tails system" is, which causes trouble:

- It makes it hard for us to prioritize our work on a day-to-day basis.

- It makes it hard to tell whether we're focused on problems that
Tails, as a project, thinks are the most important ones.

Similar problems probably affect other kinds of work, such as UX and
technical writing.


This decision will affect where we focus our work and resources so I'd
like the process to allow as many of us as possible to participate
accordingly with their own level of availability & interest.

So I thought we could try this:

1. Create a working group of a few people who are interested in this
topic and want to be involved in every step of this process.

→ If you want in, please let me know by the end of July.

2. Gather initial input from everyone (not just members of the
working group)

→ Feel free to send me, by the end of July, a list of statements
such as "I think feature X / application Y should be part of the
core Tails system because $REASONS" or the opposite.

While doing so, please consider taking our personas into account
since that's the closest thing we have at the moment to
collectively defined priorities:

I will collect this input. It will help the working group take into
account diverse point of views right from the beginning.

3. The working group does whatever it takes to build a proposal,
including reasons why feature X and task Y are in but application Z
is not.

4. Send this proposal to the tails-project@??? mailing list
and call for comments.

5. Iterate on #3 and #4 as needed.

6. Eventually reach consensus on a definition.

It's fine if we did not manage to reach consensus on every single
feature / application: we'll document as such the ones that are
left to be decided.