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Author: llightening
To: tails-testers mailing list
Subject: Re: [Tails-testers] TAILS Failed to Start Second Time After Upgrade to 3.13.1
> Hi,
> llightening@???:
>> I recently updated TAILS to 3.13.1 through the automatic update
>> prodedure.
>> After booting up during to restart to install the update, it failed to
>> show up as my USB drive when I tried to boot it again. The computer I
>> am
>> using is a Samsung All-In-One, with an quad-core Intel i5-3470T clocked
>> at
>> 2.9 GHz. System is 64 bit with 6GB of ram. The USB drive I am using is
>> an 8GB Kingston Datatraveler (USB 3.0). I do not remember if the drive
>> showed up or not, but I know it did not show up as it used to. The
>> previously mentioned computer supports BIOS + UEFI. When I saw that it
>> didn't show up (I already knew about the bug), I tried booting it on an
>> older computer I had (it only supports BIOS boot), and it showed up just
>> like normal. I booted into it and ran
>> $ sgdisk --recompute-chs /dev/bilibop
>> in a root terminal. After shutting down, it showed up just fine on my
>> main machine, just like normal.
>> I have fully fixed the issue, and I don't need any support, but I wanted
>> to post my results to aid the developers in fixing this issue.
> Thanks for the great report, that's really helpful!
> Did you install this Tails device via the USB image or via the old
> installation method (.iso and Tails Installer)?

I believe the second method. When I first created the TAILS drive, I used
the 2 flash drive process, where I burned an intermediary .iso to one
drive, booted from it, and then used the TAILS installer program to
install TAILS to the second flash drive.

> Did you update from 3.13 to 3.13.1 or from an older version?

I believe this is the update path I went through: 3.12.1 --> 3.13 -->
3.13.1. I do know I went through 2 upgrade processes, and I believe I was
on 3.12.1 when I started.

> Did you restart Tails at least once between installing and updating it
> (or did you update on the first boot after the installation)?

When I did the upgrade from 3.13 to 3.13.1, it rebooted during the upgrade
(after it disabled the network connection). That boot during the upgrade
worked fine. The problem happened after I then shut down TAILS and tried
to boot it again.

> I'm asking all this because we expect the second boot issue to occur:
> * Only for Tails devices installed via the USB image
> * On the second boot after *installing* Tails from a USB image (updating
> should not have any effect)

This was a seamless-style upgrade within TAILS (no manual .iso writing
involved). As I mentioned, it didn't look any different during boot on my
older BIOS-only computer, so maybe it's a slightly different problem.

> Cheers