Re: [Tails-testers] tails 3.12rc1 becomes unbootable on bios…

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Author: intrigeri
To: . .
CC: Tails list for early testers
Subject: Re: [Tails-testers] tails 3.12rc1 becomes unbootable on bios after first use
Hi again,

. .:
> hello, i kind of "solved" the bug. i opened the usb disk in gdisk and
> rebuilt the protective MBR, which made the disk bootable again on BIOS.
> [...]
> gpt.diff is a diff of the hexdump of mbr+gpt h. of the disk before and
> after workaround. as you can see, there is only a few bytes difference
> within the mbr
> [...]
> 29c29
> < 000001c0: 0100 eefe ffff 0100 0000 591a cd01 0000 ..........Y.....
> ---
> > 000001c0: 0200 eeff ffff 0100 0000 591a cd01 0000 ..........Y.....

I've started working on this and I think I've started to understand
the problem. I have a few questions:

- In gdisk, did you use "n" (Create a new protective MBR) or "h"
(Recompute CHS values in protective or hybrid MBR)? If you've used
"n", can you please redo the whole procedure using "h" instead?

- I suspect the diff I'm quoting above is from the new (fixed) to the
old (broken), instead of the opposite. Can you please check and
confirm which one it is?

- Finally, if I publish a USB image with a tentative fix today,
will you be able to redo the testing procedure with that one?

Thanks in advance!