Re: [Tails-testers] tails 3.12rc1 becomes unbootable on bios…

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Author: intrigeri
To: . ., tails-testers
Subject: Re: [Tails-testers] tails 3.12rc1 becomes unbootable on bios after first use

. .:
> hello,
> i encountered a bug.

This is very interesting and I'd really like to understand what's
going on before we finalize the 3.12 release. I'll have a few
questions for you below:

> i upgraded tails 3.11 to the testing release from the live usb

How exactly did you apply this upgrade?

> and the first time it booted with success(on a bios system). at
> some time, the live usb must have altered the partitions, which after the
> first use becomes impossible to boot again on a bios system but not on a
> uefi one.

> i noticed that the partitioning changes after a boot: from the
> original 1,2 GB vfat to a 8,6 GB vfat. i wrote the image again on the usb,
> and it booted one more time before i encountered the same issue once again.

Indeed, 3.12~rc1 will update the partition table when first booting on
a USB drive where our USB image was freshly installed. Now, that
operation is definitely not supposed to break legacy BIOS boot.
I'll try to reproduce this right away on a legacy BIOS system.

> if you need any additional detail, please ask.

segfault, anything that springs to mind? Maybe a dump of the first few
MiB of the drive would help you investigate what's going on?