[lime] August meeting minutes

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Author: bruno vianna
To: LibreMesh.org project mailing list
Old-Topics: Re: [lime] Fwd: next meeting in agoust!
Subject: [lime] August meeting minutes

We had a small but very productive meeting discussing mainly the use of
Libremesh/LibrerouterOS in devices other than LibreRouter.


Troian (and other people) has been compiling both systems for more current
and cheap hardware from TP-Link. Basically, LibrerouterOS has had great
upgrades in LimeApp and its integration with Pirania (voucher/community
portal), remote support and more. At the same time, the firmware is
dimensioned for the LibreRouter hardware, which has much more resources and
flash memory.

Ideally, we could have:
- An upgraded Libremesh which included the recent upgrades in the interface
and functionality but could be compiled for simpler hardware
- Compilations of LibrerouterOS for capable hardware (even if it means
excluding packages like GPIO)
- Also, we miss Chef and the ability to easily create community builds and
choose packages (like some people prefer to keep Luci for ease of

Much of this work has already been done by different folks in Brazil.The
main task is now to document and share the process. I personally believe we
should keep this information in the existing Libremesh.org and
Librerouter.org websites. but it depends on what the current maintainers
think. We could also start a third place if it makes more sense.

Any opinions, other volunteers to help on this?

Also, we propose the next meeting to be held in hybrid format (in
person/online) during battlemesh.