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Author: Ilario
To: libremesh
Subject: Re: [lime] August meeting minutes
On 9/5/22 16:16, cri via LibreMesh wrote:
> hi!
> I tried to build for a Litebeam M5 ubiquity and...
>  I used Librerouter source and our network profile
> and looks working well. We are still in test and we not deployed on
> production hardware for the moment.
> Also because we would like use this feature:
> to have configuration based on mac.
> So now we moved forward! yhuuu

Amazing :D
There should be just a few differences between using latest LibreMesh
code (instead of the release 2020.1) and using the LibreRouterOS code.
The few differences should be hidden here: [1].
I'm not sure what some of these lines are doing, but it would be great
if someone from LibreRouterOS could explain them so that we can include
them also in the compilation guide for LibreMesh [2].

> Thanks! because we use the legacy libremesh and there the version of the
> App was quite old. Now we are finding a lot of news in that side!!

Yesss, we really need a new release!!
In order to do that we need to have LibreMesh working on OpenWrt 22.03.0-rc.

> Maybe we can add some doc here?
> Maybe just expanding the point 5 in the paragraph below?
> adding info on how apply network-profiles.. ?

Moar documentation is always better!
Can you open a pull request to that repository adding more useful info?

>> Also, we propose the next meeting to be held in hybrid format (in
>> person/online) during battlemesh.
> I will be in Buttlemesh and I wouldlike convocate a meeting of people of
> libremesh in person.. if there will be someone there..

I will be there :D
If anyone is interested in joining, check out this: [3].

> here the link of the pad with the report
> The next meeting online will be in October.
> hugs Cristina