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Author: sajolida
To: The Tails public development discussion list
Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] [brainstorm] What are our public XMPP chat rooms useful for? (#17956)
> - some of our soul and identity, i.e. "we work in the open"
>   - a place where friendly bystanders can lurk and follow our work:
>     FOSS developers, users, etc.

Devil's advocate:

How good is #tails to follow our work compared to:

- #tails-summit to which friendly bystanders don't have access to?
Though I'm not sure what's done where these days.

- Our public monthly reports? It's not the same kind of information,
which is would be more useful to follow our work and for which public?


>   - a little bit of the efforts we've put into dismantling the
>     long-standing myth that Tails is produced by some sort of secret,
>     unapproachable group of anonymous people

Devil's advocate:

Big tech and proprietary software companies have neither public
development channels nor suffer from the myth of being
pseudo-clandestine organizations.

Having a public XMPP room wouldn't add much if this was solved on our

- #17700: Have an "About Us" section
- #17046: Have a "People" page

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