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Author: boyska
To: tails-dev
Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] [brainstorm] What are our public XMPP chat rooms useful for? (#17956)
>The server we currently use for our public XMPP chat rooms will stop
>operations later this year.
>First, I would like to better understand what these public chat rooms
>are currently useful for, for our project and its contributors.
>This will help decide whether we keep public chat rooms at all.
>And if we do, it'll tell us what we expect from such a service.

My feeling is that tails-dev@??? is a good place for
people that want to mostly lurk, see that there's "something ongoing"
and know that they can step-in when they want to contribute somehow in
an informal manner.

I'm not a fan of bringing most activity to private places, but I agree
that is hard to find a specific answer to this question:

> What new problems would we face if we did not have any public
> chat room?

... but let me try:
 - Usecase "wet your feet". If someone wants to contribute to tails,
   I think that the current best way to make questions about typical
   problems related to building, testing, etc. is tails-dev room. Where
   should we point his/her if we lose this room?
 - Usecase "collaboration with dev of other projects". Let's say that A
   is a developer of the ever-important software FooBazzer. She finds
   that there is something that she'd like to discuss with us: for
   example, she wants to remove a feature that we currently use; or is
   interested in knowing if we are interested in some improvements.
   What opportunities does she have?
    - GitLab! But, are people comfortable with filing issues for things
      that are not bugs but just discussions?
    - Tails-dev ML. Though mailing lists are definitely slower than
      instant messaging, they also work better on different timezones
      and are still a viable way of doing so.

have a nice week!