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Author: Cyril Brulebois
To: tails-dev
Subject: [Tails-dev] Requesting help: mass-unsubscribe from notifications

Having being responsible for a number of releases lately, I've been
automatically “subscribed” to any tickets I ever touched, even if only
to push back the target version (Redmine) / milestone (GitLab) to the
next release.

A bunch of such tickets were closed already, and aren't moving anymore.
But there are still a lot of active tickets out there, and I couldn't
find a way that would be better than this per-issue, reactive approach:
- Wait for notifications to come in.
- Click on the link embedded in the notification mail.
- Toggle off “notification” onn that issue.

Searching a little, I couldn't find a way to list everything I'm
currently subscribed to. GitLab docs insist on the various notification
levels, which are orthogonal to what I'm trying to achieve.

intrigeri mentioned the possibility of listing “starred” issues, and
I've gone through de-notifying myself out of those:

but that doesn't seem to be sufficient, as I'm still getting
notifications for issues I didn't participate (besides adjusting
target version/milestone)…

The signal-to-noise ratio of my gitlab folder is therefore very very
very low… :(

Help welcome!

(On second thought, I might need to do that for every single project
that has its own, separate issues tracking… which seems ick anyway)

Cyril 'kibi' Brulebois (ckb@???)