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Author: Cyril Brulebois
To: tails-dev
Subject: [Tails-dev] Help appreciated to investigate some Jenkins performance issue

Instead of building all IUKs serially on a single Jenkins worker, I've
developed a proof of concept to trigger them all in parallel, across all
workers. The downside is that it didn't seem obvious how to gather all
results, so I went for a downstream job; for 4.9, jobs are:

Having all builds in a single place makes it possible for us to download
all the things from there, by specifying a single job ID.

But there seems to be a performance issue here. All IUKs as of Tails 4.9
are below 8 GB, but require close to 30 minutes to get processed…
Compared to the 1.5 hour of actual work (*building* those IUKs), that's
an extra wait I'd be happy to spare… Lots of things to do when preparing
a release, the shorter we wait, the better!

Any ideas how to improve the situation?

I'm tracking numbers in this ticket, and that doesn't seem to be a
one-time issue:

(See how it went from 17 minutes for 4.7, to 23 minutes for 4.8, and now
29 minutes for 4.9…)

Thanks already!

(I do realize our Jenkins instance in behind authentication, and that
not all tails-dev@ subscribers can reach it, but I wasn't sure how to
reach all Jenkins-knowledgeable people in an easy way…)

Cyril 'kibi' Brulebois (ckb@???)