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Author: Mr. Lee Chiffre
To:, The Tails public development discussion list
Old-Topics: [Tails-ux] Monero GUI/?CLI Debian Package On Tails
Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] Monero GUI/�CLI Debian Package OnTails
> If we can push the Monero GUI and the Monero CLI onto the official Tails
> OS, it would go a very long way in terms of financial privacy on the Tails
> OS. 

I think it is a great idea to include Monero onto Tails. Monero is a very
mainstream coin as an alternative to Bitcoin.

> Right now, the Tails platform is using Electrum as it's main crypto
> currency Wallet, which uses Bitcoin. 

Electrum is a privacy nightmare unless you run your own electrum server.
Which most people do not do. Even if electrum is kept for compatibility
reasons I think we should at least include a more privacy focused bitcoin
wallet like Wasabi. Wasabi wallet can be built reproducible.

> I'm sure we can all agree that Bitcoin is not at all private, as the
> entire Blockchain is accessible to anyone with cheap Blockchain Analysis
> Tools and Software. 
> Eventually, Debian and the Tails OS devs should phase in a more privacy
> oriented coin. 

Right now Monero is better for privacy and by default. But I think we
should still keep Bitcoin support on Tails because Bitcoin is way more
mainstream than Monero and there is still a need to be able to use
Bitcoin. My suggestion is include Monero cli because monero cli can be
built reproducible. And monero cli client is better. But if Monero gui can
be built reproducible in tails then to include that as a user easy to use
option for the less tech savy. And to include Wasabi wallet for bitcoin.

Bitcoin lightning network support in tails would be nice also. I am not
sure what wallet would be best for that. I know the latest version of
electrum in beta now has support for lightning. I am hoping Wasabi Wallet
eventually includes lightning network support.

If electrum wallet is kept in tails what about idea to include electrum
personal server software with tails to promote more privacy? Electrum is a
great wallet but is horrible with privacy if you do not use your own
server or electrum personal server.

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