[Tails-ux] Monero GUI/?CLI Debian Package On Tails

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Author: theoneandonlyjk89@yahoo.com
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Subject: [Tails-ux] Monero GUI/?CLI Debian Package On Tails
We need to get this on TAILS as soon as possible. This is exactly what the Tails OS needs right now. 

Whonix needs to allow The Monero Project to co-sign this Debian package and also the devs on both sides can collaborate on how to push this into the Tails OS list of pre-installed programs. 
If we have both Whonix devs and Monero devs overseeing the code of this package and both eyes confirm it's secure, there's no reason this can't be added to the Tails operating system. 
If Monero and Whonix work together with Debian, I feel like the next logical step would be for the TAILS devs to add this to the next major update. 
If we can push the Monero GUI and the Monero CLI onto the official Tails OS, it would go a very long way in terms of financial privacy on the Tails OS. 
Right now, the Tails platform is using Electrum as it's main crypto currency Wallet, which uses Bitcoin. 
I'm sure we can all agree that Bitcoin is not at all private, as the entire Blockchain is accessible to anyone with cheap Blockchain Analysis Tools and Software. 
Eventually, Debian and the Tails OS devs should phase in a more privacy oriented coin. 
Monero would be the best bet, in terms of consumer privacy and financial freedom. 
Let's get this done as soon as possible. 
Thank you all for your time!