[Tails-dev] how to watch an issue in Gitlab

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Author: syster
To: The Tails public development discussion list
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Subject: [Tails-dev] how to watch an issue in Gitlab
I don't remember who asked this, and if it already got resolved but if not the following might be useful for some:

In redmine you could "watch" tickets and have them visible from your profile. (do I remember this correct? However, someone asked for a function such as this in Gitlab)

In Gitlab you can do this by adding a reaction to an issue and then search for issue with My-reaction = [what ever you choose]
Issues that you've been watching in readmine should be migrated to Gitlab with the reaction "star" (if I'm not confusing).
You can also watch those issues through a RSS reader. To do so you just do your custom search, and then click on the RSS symbol.

Reminder: If you had an account on redmine, here's a document how to transition to Gitlab: