Re: [Tails-dev] Request for change in communication culture

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Author: Sandro Knauß
To: The Tails public development discussion list
Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] Request for change in communication culture

> Let me first express the change we're seeking: when leaving a comment on a
> ticket, consider it your responsibility that the right person(s) will read
> it! If you don't @mention someone, you probably are failing this
> responsibility!

On the one side, yes doing @mention somone helps, so the person knows, that
they should answer.That's why I propose, that we also add groups/function
mentions like @ft, @sysadmin, @help desk... Than people outside the team can
make sure, the other teams know about it and the teams itself can make sure,
that there are shifts and forward issues to the correct person in their teams.
This should reduce the informal hierarchies and give the teams to define their
own shifts etc.

> So far we have been relying on one person subscribing to all Redmine changes
> and constantly following up on new comments and notifying the right people
> so they are not "lost into the void". This is not sustainable (and IIRC
> GitLab does not support subscribing to everything?) so we need to
> distribute this work.

ACK this is also not a good way to rely on a person subscribed to everything.
But it is still possible to subscribe to everything in GitLab.

first, get your token:
go to
scroll down until you find the Feed token and copy that

than you can use this feel url:<token>

> To me it makes most sense to put this responsibility on the poster, at least
> among us regular-ish contributors that are expected to have read the
> contributor's docs -- new (or "drive-by") contributors cannot be expected
> to have done this, and will be dealt with differently, some how.

We need also a way to not lost the drive-by contributors, maybe some kind of
script that checks if on an issue is not regular contributor mentioned/