[Tails-dev] Experience with deskop surface

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Author: breschnew
To: tails-dev
Subject: [Tails-dev] Experience with deskop surface
Hello to the maker of Tails,
first, many thanks for that kind of software. in these Times it becomes
essential for using internet.

I did not find another suitable way to kontakt you via email to give you
a suggestion about
the desktop surface of Tails.

Please integrate in Preferences an option, were a user can switch
graphics effects on or off
(i.e.: Shadow pointer, shadow under window, see windows while moving

reason is, that these effects use a tremendous amount of cpu power on

i lend a sony vajo with an i7 + 8gb ddr3 ram: while moving window on a
desktop the cpu using power went higher.
( firefox and a couple of other tolls where open in addition.)

many people (including myself) hav older hardware. mine is an hp laptop
with 4 gb ddr 2 Ram and an
older cpu intel dual core modell ( around 1,7 ghz).

with firefox and a couple of apps opened it becomes very lame gfx ( gets
best i can see that is by scrolling in a text editors opened file (
around 50 kb ).
the scrolling is heavily tearing while moving the slider down / up.
by switching "high contrast" deskop becomes black n white which helps
only a little.

so please integrate a few switches to deaktivate graphics effects.
in a normal enviroment linux they have these switches ( windows too )

i tried to change the "x.window-manager" in tails to the lighter version
( there are two of them, but i forgot the names ).
it was impossible, cause tails has not logout/ login option integrated.

thanks for reading and maybe these simple thing will be added in future
versions of tails,
so people with lack of "state of the art" hardware can use Tails to
browse anonym in the internet too.
regard ( a long time user of tails )