Re: [Tails-dev] Wahay Re: Tor Control Port in Tails

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Author: Rafael Bonifaz
To: tails-dev
New-Topics: [Tails-dev] Lanzamiento de Wahay [was: Wahay Re: Tor Control Port in Tails]
Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] Wahay Re: Tor Control Port in Tails

> Rafael Bonifaz:
>> El 12/3/20 a las 23:34, sajolida escribió:
>>> sajolida:
>>>> Rafael Bonifaz:
>>>>> Last time I wrote to this list was related to the Mumble + Tails
>>>>> scripts. Here in CAD we have been working on GUI client that
>>>>> integrates Mumble and Tor Onion Service. The GUI is very simple you can
>>>>> host meetings and join meetings.
>>> [...]
>>> Tonight I tested Wahay and it's pretty cool! I also discovered that the
>>> Mumble UI has been seriously revamped in Buster and doesn't show the
>>> dreaded audio settings anymore. Yay!
>>> In attachments some screenshots of Wahay in action.
>> Well there is work to be done and bugs to be fix. So please if you can
>> help us test it it would be great.
>>> I think that we should seriously consider including it in Tails :)
>> That sounds awesome!!!
> I think that the next steps should be:
> - For you to have it included in Debian.
> I see that you already build Debian packages, so that's a great first
> step. I know practically nothing about the process to get it included
> in Debian but we have many Debian developers at Tails, so hopefully
> someone can help you if needed.

If there is someone willing to help on this letme know please :)

> - For us to test Wahay more thoroughly.
> I'd like to test it for some of our internal meetings :)

I hope you try the last version. We worked a lot last week. Hopefully
next week we would have a website that includes installation
instructions, including tails.



PS. I am now on the list with this email :)