Re: [Tails-project] Migration to GitLab: April 8-10

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Author: intrigeri
To: The Tails public development discussion list, Public mailing list about the Tails project, tails-sysadmins
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Subject: Re: [Tails-project] Migration to GitLab: April 8-10

intrigeri (2020-03-22):
> the team working on migrating our issues and Git repositories to
> GitLab will have a (remote) sprint on April 8-10.
> The tentative plan is to perform the migration during those days.
> During those days, expect disruption and long periods of
> unavailability of the parts of our infrastructure that are somehow
> connected to our Git repositories or to Redmine — that is, in
> practice, most of our infrastructure.

As long as you can push to the previous locations for Git
repositories: feel free to. We'll sync' them one last time to GitLab
at the last minute, after blocking access to the old, deprecated
locations. Your work pushed to the old Git remotes won't be lost.

While Redmine is down, if you need to view a Redmine issue, until the
migration to GitLab is completed, you can now replace with in the URL and access
our fancy new static archive of Redmine contents.

For example:

> Whether we can actually do the migration at that time depends on
> a number of factors, including some that we have no control over.

We have not reached the point of no return yet and there's still
a possibility we abort the migration. Fingers crossed!

If you want to follow progress at home, see