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Author: sajolida
To: The Tails public development discussion list, Rafael Bonifaz
New-Topics: [Tails-dev] Wahay Re: Tor Control Port in Tails
Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] Tor Control Port in Tails
Rafael Bonifaz:
> Hello,


@tails-dev: Rafael is not subscribed to tails-dev@ so we should keep him
in Cc: when answering.

@Rafael: See anonym's answer from March 7 regarding the control port:

> Last time I wrote to this list was related to the Mumble + Tails
> scripts. Here in CAD we have been working on GUI client that
> integrates Mumble and Tor Onion Service. The GUI is very simple you can
> host meetings and join meetings.
> At the moment we have a client that works in most modern Linux
> distributions and you can see the source[2].
> We also have a website, where you can download the binaries (of course
> that website needs a lot of work)[3].

This sounds super cool! I really want to give it a try. I'm swamped with
billion things (as always) so it might take a while but I'll get to it.

One of my main concern with Mumble is the UX of the client itself,
especially the audio settings; on which the quality of the call depends
a lot.

It's unclear from your website if you replaced the UI of the Mumble
client or if you use the upstream one. Since you mention usability as
one of your goal on the GitHub page, I wonder if you concur with my
analysis and what's your approach to that.

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