[Tails-dev] Tor Control Port in Tails

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Author: Rafael Bonifaz
To: tails-dev
Subject: [Tails-dev] Tor Control Port in Tails

Last time I wrote to this list was related to the Mumble + Tails
scripts. Here in CAD we have been working on GUI client that
integrates Mumble and Tor Onion Service. The GUI is very simple you can
host meetings and join meetings.

At the moment we have a client that works in most modern Linux
distributions and you can see the source[2].

We also have a website, where you can download the binaries (of course
that website needs a lot of work)[3].

We want it to work in Tails, however we are not sure how to manage the
control port in Tails. On Linux we start a new instance of Tor that we
can control and use the AuthCookie to manage to the Control port.
In Tails we can not do that as it would end in running Tor over Tor. Do
you have advice on how we can have access to manage the control port so
that we can create Onion Services?



[2] https://github.com/digitalautonomy/wahay
[3] https://wahay.org