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Author: ignifugo
To: tails-ux
Subject: Re: [Tails-ux] #16990: Update our list of "Favorites" applications

On 06/03/20 13:05, Michael Gerstacker via Tails-ux wrote:
> sajolida:
>     I'm also curious how
>     many of our users would have a good reason to use Thunderbird but
>     do not
>     because they never used an email client. It's one of the reasons why I
>     like keeping Thunderbird in the list: it might teach some users that
>     they could use it.

> I see it exactly the other way round.
> I helped so many relatives and other people setting up their email
> clients that i start to feel obsessed by them.
> I never used one and i think for most of the people i helped setting
> them up it would be much easier to use the webmail but they always
> used one so they think they need them to use emails.
> The more common those typical webmail providers like googlemail or gmx
> are getting the less you need these mail clients and i think if
> someone is doing some advanced stuff with emails then he will most
> likely find Thunderbird even if its not in the favorites.

I more compatible with the vision of sajolida, for my point of view.

I helped a lot of newbies people configuring thunderbird, because they
want use PGP and they can't by webmail, so find yet configured in Tails
with the addons is easier.

> Just a guess but i think the number of Thunderbird users is smaller
> than some years ago and slowly decreasing.

I think no.. but maybe we can find some data in the web to see :)

I'm happy to learn that Thunderbird wants add support for PGP encryption
in the summer 2020

probably will increase the use?!



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