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Author: Michael Gerstacker
To: Tails user experience & user interface design
Subject: Re: [Tails-ux] #16990: Update our list of "Favorites" applications

> I'm also curious how
> many of our users would have a good reason to use Thunderbird but do not
> because they never used an email client. It's one of the reasons why I
> like keeping Thunderbird in the list: it might teach some users that
> they could use it.

I see it exactly the other way round.
I helped so many relatives and other people setting up their email clients
that i start to feel obsessed by them.

I never used one and i think for most of the people i helped setting them
up it would be much easier to use the webmail but they always used one so
they think they need them to use emails.

The more common those typical webmail providers like googlemail or gmx are
getting the less you need these mail clients and i think if someone is
doing some advanced stuff with emails then he will most likely find
Thunderbird even if its not in the favorites.

Just a guess but i think the number of Thunderbird users is smaller than
some years ago and slowly decreasing.

Yep. I see that you agree with all my removals but since segfault
> disagrees, I propose to keep them for now. What do you think?

If this question is to me then i am okay with it:)

Have a nice day