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Author: sajolida
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Subject: [Tails-project] "freedom fighters" vs "human-rights defenders" [was: Mission and values (#16539): please comment!]
> Hi,
> I'm asking for comments on this new document:
>     https://tails.boum.org/contribute/mission/

> NB: I'm putting tails-ux@??? in copy once, but please answer on
> tails-project@???.

In https://lists.autistici.org/message/20191125.183546.58478699.en.html,
Ulrike raised some concerns about the word "freedom fighters". Quoting
her email here:


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resistance_movement#Freedom_fighter says
"Generally speaking, freedom fighters are people who use physical force
to cause a change in the political and or social order. [...] a person
who is campaigning for freedom through peaceful means may still be
classed as a freedom fighter, though in common usage they are called
political activists [...]".

I also relate the word to people calling themselves freedom fighter but
actually being part of (proto) fascistic militias of all possible sorts.

Interesting that this word did not disturb me when you presented the

I see myself better represented in "human-rights defender" or
"political activist".


I originally wrote "freedom fighter" instead of "human-rights defender"
because I thought that some people in our community would prefer it or
otherwise have problems with the term "human-rights defender". But I
don't think that we've ever really discussed it.

I personally prefer "human-rights defender" because it's more common,
less ambiguous, and solves Ulrike's concern.

Does anybody would have a problem with us replacing "freedom fighters"
by "human-rights defenders" in this text?

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