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Author: sajolida
To: The Tails public development discussion list, birger
Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] Fwd: Converting ikiwiki to hugo
> Hi,
> Birger Schacht:
>> Ah, I didn't even know moving away from ikiwiki was considered.
> I can't say it's being very actively considered but it's been in the
> back of the mind of a few of us for a while. I believe the only place
> where it's vaguely tracked and where information in being shared on
> this topic currently is:

Yup. I would love to move to a more flexible and more actively developed
Static Site Generator (SSG).

Last time I did some research, I focused on the translation mechanism.
We have a decent PO plugin in ikiwiki but I couldn't find anything as
good in other popular SSGs. Maybe things have changed since then.

Alternatively, the idea that Ulrike mentioned in her first email would
be to push all the translation logic to the translation platform
(Weblate): feed Weblate with Markdown files in English and get back
Markdown files in other languages. Then we might not need any
translation plugin in the SSG itself.

Last time I checked, both ideas required pretty heavy development either
on the SSG or on Weblate.

I think that this is what blocking us from considering moving out of
ikiwiki for real. But it's super interesting to see your experiment. It
means that, once we have a solution for the translations, the rest might
not be that far away :)

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