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Author: intrigeri
To: tails-testers, i4po94+59h012cowrjr4
Subject: Re: [Tails-testers] Tails4_rc1 OnionShare-Gui is Ready Notification re-Pops

i4po94+59h012cowrjr4--- via Tails-testers:
> i attached an .mp4 file,

Thanks, now I understand!

FWIW, I believe there's a bug in how OnionShare manages its Settings

- It's partly behaving as a modal dialog (if I click on the main
window, the focus goes back to the Settings dialog immediately).

- It's partly behaving as an independent window (it has its own entry
in the bottom bar and I can move the main window independently).

I can't reproduce this "mix'n'match design patterns" confusing
behaviour with another Qt5 application that we ship in Tails
(KeePassXC) so I assume it's a bug in OnionShare, rather than in Qt or
GNOME Shell.

> it seems cosmetic to me, seems like something is looping in the
> backgrownd, i checked the 3.16 Tails, same thing, so, i guess noone
> spotted it, or it doesnt matter

Indeed, I guess the user impact is minor so I'd rather focus our
limited development resources on more important issues.

If someone would like to move this forward, I would suggest to try and
reproduce this outside of Tails, with the latest version of OnionShare
(2.2 as of today); if you can reproduce it there, then report it