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Author: i4po94+59h012cowrjr4
Subject: Re: [Tails-testers] Tails4_rc1 main drive showing

APFS. even with password not mountable. tested it in 3.8, 3.16. mountable in 4.0, but fails due to unknown FS error, but maybe posibble to mount remotely. i attached 3 pics with comments on them.

i think 3.8 - 3.16 was due to the APFS being closed source, and there were no propper drivers (2017),
the only one that i can think of was FUSE, and it could only read it, so, most likely there was some kind of support added to Buster, because in all 3.8,3.16,4.0, EFI partition of the main drive could be moounted.

but, at the same time, there were no problems with not detecting the main drive in 3.8 - 3.14, so is the extra 4.0 "feature" really needed ^^




i4ixax+9e92iigd12i4w--- via Tails-testers:
> the drive wasn't mounted automatically, but in can be mounted from within tails (root)

OK, good.

> i thought detection of main system drives was disabled in tails as
> security measure way back, (maybe 3.5 - 3.9?), so if tails was
> compromized, it was not possible to mount and access main drives
> data, or plant something on it.

I could not find any trace of this in our changelog.

As far as I can tell, users who choose to set an administration
password are free to do anything they want as root. I seem to remember
that many years ago, we had vague plans to more fully block access to
internal drives but I don't think this went anywhere, and I don't know
what would be the state of our thinking on this front nowadays
regarding whether the security benefits are worth breaking some
plausibly-valid use cases.

> // unless, Tails4.0 added detection for new format types and thats the reason the drive was not showing in the 3.**

That's possible indeed.

> this the drive didnt show in 3.16, and the actual partition is not
> even moutable in 3.16(i just checked, it just detects the space
> correctly, but cant mount it)

Even with an administration password?
What kind of partition and filesystem is that?


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