[Tails-dev] Notes of the contributor-meeting-20160203

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Author: Muri Nicanor
To: tails-dev
Subject: [Tails-dev] Notes of the contributor-meeting-20160203
attached the meeting-notes patch for the monthly meeting tonight.

From 583c5a6bdff15c14b8e9b1ed0fbd567015359467 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Muri Nicanor <muri@???>
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2016 23:15:59 +0100
Subject: [PATCH] added meeting notes 20160203

wiki/src/contribute/meetings/201602.mdwn | 55 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1 file changed, 55 insertions(+)
create mode 100644 wiki/src/contribute/meetings/201602.mdwn

diff --git a/wiki/src/contribute/meetings/201602.mdwn b/wiki/src/contribute/meetings/201602.mdwn
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--- /dev/null
+++ b/wiki/src/contribute/meetings/201602.mdwn
@@ -0,0 +1,55 @@
+[[!meta title="February 2016 online meeting"]]
+[[!toc levels=1]]
+# Introduction:
+We do a bit more free form and skip topics for which people not here today
+have a strong opinion (or might have one), because we're mostly new contributors.
+So we skip "Hole in the roof" which are hard and boring.
+# Important tickets flagged for next release but without assignee
+  - [[!tails_ticket 11048 desc="Permanently remove the rest of the keyboard layout"]] and
+    [[!tails_ticket 11044 desc="PXE Boot support"]] not triaged yet
+  - segfault will look at
+    [[!tails_ticket 11031 desc="Open URL feature of KeepassX doesn't work anymore"]] which
+    seems to be fixed by installing gnome-open
+  - [[!tails_ticket 10765 desc="Allow pinning certificates in Icedove"]] will be postponed,
+    as it is a new feature (no bugfix, no regression, etc.) and noone present wants to dig
+    into it at the moment
+  - [[!tails_ticket 7496 desc="Make it possible to verify the integrity of a device created 
+    by Tails Installer"]] segfault will write a mail to the list about this, we leave the
+    ticket open for the rms
+  - [[!tails_ticket 11000 desc="The Tor Browser's font fingerprinting protection does not 
+    work in Tails" is already "Fix committed"
+  - [[!tails_ticket 9844]] didn't find an assignee
+  - For [[!tails_ticket 9949 desc="Audit AppArmor policy vs. hard links"]],
+    intrigeri who has followed it has been pinged for status or ETA update.
+# Availability and plans until the next meeting
+  - sycamore will write down some stuff about entropy
+  - muri is still working on the l10 screenshot automation
+  - muri also plans to take another look at weblate
+  - spriver would like to start to translate the installation assistant
+  - segfault wants to rethink the installation and upgrade process
+# [[!tails_ticket 9555 desc="Include a pinentry GUI that's well integrated within GNOME"]]
+upgrading pinentry-gtk2 from 0.8.3-2 to 0.9.7-1 improves things and using pinentry-gnome3 
+would make things worse, at least for keepassx users. segfault will submit a branch that
+upgrades pinentry-gtk2 to 0.9.7-1
+# [[!tails_ticket 10913 desc="Keyboard layout keyboard shortcut has changed"]]
+regarding Alt+Shift saying that this is the default in Windows might have been an ok argument 
+at some point. seeing that [[!tails_ticket 11042 desc="alt + shift switch the keyboard layout 
+without indicating it in the keyboard layout menu"]], GNOME is giving it a different meaning 
+by default: Alt+Shitft shortcut will be removed. segfault will submit a branch.