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Author: aab3r
To: Everything about freepto
Subject: Re: [Freepto] Errores actualizando Freepto / Errors updating Freepto
El 2015-06-10 14:50, boyska escribió:
> On 10/06/2015 15:20, aab3r@??? wrote:
>> Ok, i think i got it. I did a new freepto install, enabled persistence
>> and rebooted. I put on hold fuse and ntfs-3g, and then i ran apt-get
>> update and apt-get dist-upgrade. This time, everything went fine.
> wow, great bug hunting. we should maybe hold them automatically.
>> 1) If upgrading initramfs-tool should not be done, i guess those two
>> packages should be "holded" in the freepto image.
> Unfortunately it's not that simple. Many packages have a "hook" so that
> updating them will result in an updated initramfs. This is correct, but
> the initramfs should not change in freepto. So we should hold all of
> them, but there seems to be no automated way of doing it.
>> 2) Both packages have newer versions in wheezy and are marked
>> "Security", so i guess is important to update them...
> more generally, in freepto what's in kernel-space (kernel, modules,
> etc)
> cannot be updated, which surely is a security issue we need to handle.
>> The problem is kind of solved now, but i'd like to hear your thoughts
>> about the concerns. And please let me know if you need me to make any
>> other test.
> Our consideration is that kernel-space serious security bugs are rare,
> or not very impacting for the user in our threat model.
> When we do a new _build_ of freepto, we of course get the latest debian
> kernel. So if there's the real need to update to a newer kernel, we can
> release a new build.
> The migration path from a freepto installation to another one is at the
> moment still not easy, not very documented, and surely not automated.
> That's why we are writing "newborn"[1]. There's nothing ready yet, but
> it doesn't seem very difficult and we have a decent design, so we hope
> to be quick!

OK, i'll keep an eye on newborn and will try it.

> Thanks for the bug report and the good questions!

Thanks for your responses, now it's much clearer to me.

> [1]