Re: [OpenPGP-applet-devel] Moving to Salsa !

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Author: Clément Hermann
To: openpgp-applet-devel
Subject: Re: [OpenPGP-applet-devel] Moving to Salsa !
On 29/01/2018 10:46, intrigeri wrote:
> intrigeri:
>>> - for each issue, add a comment on redmine to indicate where it's
>>> tracked upstream. If this is not relevant for Tails (e.g. #14925), just
>>> close it in readmine.
>> IMO, whenever it's not Tails-specific, close the ticket in Redmine
>> with a link to the new one.
> I can actually think of at least one exception: #8310 should remain
> open in the Tails bug tracker because it's part of #8309. But from now
> on it should merely remain on Redmine as a pointer to the upstream bug
> tracker, and its subtasks + any follow-up should happen on Salsa.
> Other than that, I say just migrate the tickets and close the Redmine
> ones: I'll review their status once that's been done and will spot any
> other case in which I think we should keep the ticket open in Redmine.

That's now (finally) done. It was painful, let's not move from Salsa for
a while :P