[lime] LibreMesh/OpenWRT learning webinars

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Author: Nicolas Pace
To: libremesh
Subject: [lime] LibreMesh/OpenWRT learning webinars
Hi folks,

as part of the Active Infrastructure Community of Practice[0] within
https://communitynetworks.group we are organizing a set of online
learning meetings.

Amuza has offered himself to share his experience with traffic control
on OpenWRT/LibreMesh. More details here:


Also, Hiure from https://www.coolab.org/ is going to facilitate a peer
learning experience on openwrt image building using a peer programming


We are also planning to do one on adding behaviour to the lime-app...
more info soon.

Hope you can join and share, and together we can also through these
experiences contribute to improving documentation and adoption of LibreMesh.


[0] https://communitynetworks.group/c/cops/activeinfra/17