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Author: Ilario
To: libremesh
Subject: Re: [lime] june meeting
On 7/11/22 12:52, cri via LibreMesh wrote:
> hi limers / ciao gente di libremesh ! (italoportinhol a baixo)
> the meeting was good and every time is nice hear about the other
> networks and the need of the others and exchange solutions!
> I copy and paste the note of the meeting at the bottom.
> I think we will have a another online meeting on Agust.. Is not written
> in the note, the month of the next meeting :/
> I would like also ask for a in person evening meeting during the
> Battlemesh!
> what do you think? how many people of libremesh are coming?
> I think that Battlemesh is one of the best place where have tested the
> routing protocols not in production!
> not like in our nets :P
> soo, see you soon in person!
> hugs
> cri

Thanks Cri for the log of the meeting!
@all, for many other meetings we forgot to share the logs, but all the
notes are still available here:

Regarding the Battlemesh: I am planning to go, but I still have to buy
the plane tickets.
The Battlemesh (Rome, 19-22 September 2022) webpage is this:

For the next meeting (August), here you have a Framadate for indicating
the availability: