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Author: nihei
To: tails-l10n
Subject: Re: [Tails-l10n] [Tails translation platform] Nouvelles chaînes à traduire dans Tails/wiki/src/news/ciclo_de_autodefensa_digital_mexico.*.po — Français
Maybe you can put the whole news in no-translate so people don't
translate them.

Le 09/02/2022 à 21:44, sajolida a écrit :
> Chre:
>> Today we have two new announces, but one in spanish and one in portugese
>> languages.
>> I see that in french and english french version of Tails's website,
>> that's strange no?
>> Because I can't translate from these languages to french :)
> The calls are targeted at people in Mexico and Brazil only. I published
> them as "English" on the website because I wanted these versions to go
> through amnesia-news@.
> These activities will only be in Spanish and Portuguese, so I don't
> think that it makes sense to translate them at all.
> But thanks for asking :) It's pretty unusual I reckon and could have
> been an error.
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