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Auteur: sajolida
À: The Tails public development discussion list
Sujet: Re: [Tails-dev] Rewrite live-persist as part of Persistent Storage settings rewrite
> What do you think about that plan?

I already talked to segfault about this but I think it's amazing and super important!

Right now, an essential concept in the redesign that I worked on last week is to help people enable
the Persistent Storage features that they need right when they need it:

It would prevent people from:

- Restarting yet again
- Loosing data because they didn't realize that it could be saved to the Persistent Storage before
creating one or activating the corresponding feature (eg. Wi-Fi password time and time again in my
usability tests).

> I plan to do that in bash, copying the parts from live-persist and live-boot which we need for
> that.

Bash for the win!</joke> I trust you to have good reasons to choose bash over Python here :)

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