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Auteur: Topi Toosi
À: tails-dev
Sujet: Re: [Tails-dev] Rewrite live-persist as part of Persistent Storage settings rewrite

As a user I would be slightly worried if a user level script would be
able to silently activate and start using persistence features I
specifically have not enabled.

Currently there is some assurance that data related to one Tails session
will not be written to the persistent storage if the storage is not
mounted at bootup.

Will there be a way to ensure that the backend is unable to perform
these steps without user interaction?

UX-wise, I too have missed this feature - many times.


> Hey,
> as part of the rewrite of the Persistent Storage settings (#17803), I
> also want to solve #11529 "Save data to Persistence when it is created
> (no need to restart)".
> The only way I see to solve this while providing a nice UX is to rewrite
> part of live-persist (and the live-boot functions uses by it) to allow
> activating/deactivating a single persistence feature (that's the term we
> want to use instead of "persistence preset" IIUC).
> This is the user flow I envision:
> * In the Persistent Storage settings GUI, the user clicks on the switch
>   of a  persistence feature to  activate/deactivate it.
> * The frontend calls the Activate()/Deactivate() method of the feature's
>   D-Bus object.
> * The backend checks if any processes are running that must not be
>   running when changing this feature (for example for the Thunderbird
>   persistence feature, no process with executable "/usr/bin/thunderbird"
>   or "/usr/lib/thunderbird/thunderbird" must be running).
>   * If any such process is running, the backend sends a signal that it's
>     waiting for these processes to exit.
>   * The frontend receives the signal and displays a message to the user
>     that they have to close the corresponding app ("Thunderbird") to
>     continue.
>   * Once all conflicting processes have exited, the backend
>     automatically continues activating/deactivating the feature.
> * The backend mounts/unmounts the files/directories of that feature.
> * The backend adds/removes the corresponding line(s) to/from
>   persistence.conf.
> live-persist is not able to mount/unmount a a single file/directory
> instead of the whole persistence.conf. That's why we need to rewrite
> part of it.
> I plan to do that in bash, copying the parts from live-persist and
> live-boot which we need for that.
> During boot, we could still use live-persist, or we completely replace
> it with the new script (which means that it should also be able to
> activate features from a config file).
> What do you think about that plan?
> Cheers
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