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Author: intrigeri
To: tails-dev
CC: tails-sysadmins
Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] [announcement] Blueprints migration on 2021-01-14 (#18079) [Was: Proposal: migrate our blueprints to a GitLab wiki]

intrigeri (2021-01-13):
> I expect the migration to be completed by 11:30 UTC tomorrow, but […]

The migration is now completed.

Our blueprints now live there:


Write Access

If you have write access to this wiki, you should have received an
email that said you were granted access. If you think you'll need to
edit this wiki, please try and confirm. You can use the sandbox
for such experiments:

Else, if you think you should have write access to this wiki but you
did not receive any such email and you can't edit pages, please ask

(Lack of) Tails-specific documentation

I did not write Tails-specific documentation about GitLab wiki.
We can do that if we notice at some point that it's necessary.

The wiki is linked from the exact same places our old blueprints
were, so discoverability should be the same as before.


To report problems, either email this thread or create a GitLab issue
(mentioning @intrigeri to ensure I see it).

To ask questions, if you don't find answers in the GitLab
documentation, you can share knowledge on XMPP or ask on this thread
if you think more people may wonder the same.

Bonus: Snippets

This new tails/blueprints GitLab project seemed to be the perfect
place to enable the GitLab Snippets feature, so I did that:

This can be used as some sort of pastebin, backed by a dedicated
Git repository.