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Author: emma peel
To: Tails-l10n
Subject: [Tails-l10n] Reviewers
Is me again, sorry about all this emails lately.

On our translation platform, that translates the Tails website, we have some languages that still have no reviewers.
This means that suggestions are not being accepted and the translation is not moving forward.

This languages are:

- Catalan
- Indonesian
- Persian
- Polish
- Russian
- Turkish

Please contact me in private if you think you could be a good reviewer for them.
To be a useful reviewer for the website, is good to fulfill this conditions:

- ability to communicate with others, solve conflicts
- the will to help potentially inexpert translators to improve without losing patience (many of our translators have no previous translation experience)
- be confident navigating our website, it's contents, etc.
- understand what is Tails, use it, and be able to test the documentation you are reviewing.

Thanks in advance!