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Author: intrigeri
To: Public mailing list about the Tails project, tails-dev
Old-Topics: Re: [Tails-project] [Tails-dev] Request for change in communication culture
Subject: Re: [Tails-project] [Tails-dev] Request for change in communication culture

sajolida (2020-06-16):
> intrigeri:
>> Sandro Knauß (2020-05-24):
>>> anonym wrote:
>>>> Let me first express the change we're seeking: when leaving a comment on a
>>>> ticket, consider it your responsibility that the right person(s) will read
>>>> it! If you don't @mention someone, you probably are failing this
>>>> responsibility!
>>> On the one side, yes doing @mention somone helps, so the person knows, that
>>> they should answer.That's why I propose, that we also add groups/function
>>> mentions like @ft, @sysadmin, @help desk... Than people outside the team can
>>> make sure, the other teams know about it and the teams itself can make sure,
>>> that there are shifts and forward issues to the correct person in their teams.
>>> This should reduce the informal hierarchies and give the teams to define their
>>> own shifts etc.
>> I understand that at any given time, mentioning one such @role account
>> would notify the team member(s) who is currently on duty — as opposed
>> to every single member of the team. Is this what you're proposing?
> I don't think that hefee's proposal was specific about automating a
> single notification to the person on duty. Otherwise they might not have
> written "the teams itself can [...] forward issues to the correct person
> in their teams".

Thank you for sharing how you understand it. I was wondering if there
was a missing subject in hefee's sentence before "forward".

>> Assuming I got it right, I it a lot. I think this idea complements
>> nicely other tools that we either have already or that we would like
>> to have:
>>  - @group mentions: great for raising attention of *every* *single*
>>    member of a team, which most of the time is not great IMO.

>>    I just documented this tool:

> I understand that hefee was proposing this.

hefee, can you please confirm this tool enables teams to implement the
workflow you were proposing?

> I'm not in team that does shifts. But if I were, I think that receiving
> a few notifications even when I'm not on shift would give me some useful
> context about what's happening to the other person's shift. For example,
> I could give them relevant information about a previous shift or acquire
> knowledge that would be useful for a future shift. I feel like it would
> help share knowledge and avoid creating silos inside a team.
> As someone that asks questions to Help Desk, I think that I would always
> prefer asking my question to the whole group, assuming that the team is
> self-organized and that the person on shift has the responsibility to
> answer while leaving more opportunity for others to jump in, than to
> only ask it to the person on shifts.
> So, for my communication with Help Desk, I'm afraid that having
> @help_desk point to a single person on shift instead of everybody in the
> team might slow down my work and I'll probably fallback to explicitly
> mentioning everybody in the team.

Interesting thoughts! All this makes sense to me.

So you can use @help-desk :)